29 November 2023

Old art

For a while, I made a dream comic called Nightlife. The last issue I made of it ended on this page. Foreshadowing I guess?

14 November 2023


Testing a hugo shortcode to render scrollable panoramas with the very easy to use Pannellum viewer! If that sounds like I’m just throwing words together, it simply means that I can easily post pannable panoramas. Below, for instance, is a panorama from Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain a couple weeks ago, with Mt. Hood in the distance. Perhaps the first snow of the season there that weekend, just enough to be entertaining and not deep enough to be a hassle.

8 November 2023

Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens! aka Lawetlat’la! aka Loowit! Made it to the rim for the first time a few weeks ago.. a very tough hike. Started at 9 am, got up to the top at 3 pm, finally made it back to the parking lot close to 8. Yeesh. First a gentle incline for a couple miles in forest that looks a lot like this: Then you leave the forest and enter a rough scrambling section over big boulders.

7 November 2023

Cartoonist hiking or something

It’s alive! This brand new site is an ongoing experiment to sort through the tons of images both in and outside my head that I keep accumulating from going hiking a lot. Future additions I’m toying with may or may not include comics, illustration, some kind of trail mapping tool with openstreetmap and Godot. Maybe over time make some kind of hiking comics jam book. So, if you’re some kind of artist and you maybe want to contribute to a hiking related comics jam, you should let me know!